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Student Orientation

Welcome to North Mississippi Medical Center. We hope your student experience here is filled with many positive learning opportunities. In an effort to provide the best patient centered care and health services in America, we have provided an online orientation for you to review. Please review Student Orientation Part 1 and Student Orientation Part 2 and then complete the quiz.

If you are associated with a school, please have your instructor contact our Student Experience Navigator to confirm that a clinical program agreement is in place. Any student documenting in the electronic medical record must have Management Information Systems (MIS) training. Click here for the request access form and follow instructions on how to return form.


No student may be on the premises without completing NMMC’s Student Orientation, providing a complete immunization record, and signing the appropriate student agreement. Depending on the type of student experience, more requirements may be necessary. Please contact the Student Experience Navigator at (662) 377-6850 for any questions you may have.

Student Orientation Part 1

Student Orientation Part 2

Student Orientation Quiz

Forms and Templates

Students will need to print off and sign student contracts for any facility at which he or she will be working.





NMMC-West Point

North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton

North Mississippi Medical Clinics, Inc.

Security Badge Access Form

Student Job Shadower Form

Form must be printed, signed and submitted to Employment Services.