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NMMC Cancer Care

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Suddenly plunged into a world of unfamiliar medical terms, tests and treatments, cancer patients and their families may feel overwhelmed. Knowing what to expect can help patients regain control of their lives. This means understanding cancer, its tests and treatments, and the facility that provides for their care.

NMMC uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat cancer. Our physicians, nurses and support staff work together as a team and actively involve patients and family members in cancer care.

NMMC is now an associate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System Cancer Community Network. NMMC is the only UAB Health System Cancer Community Network associate in north Mississippi. The UAB Health System Cancer Community Network was created to enhance cancer services in the Southeast by joining forces with community cancer centers to pursue high-quality patient outcomes, improve access to early detection and treatment, and provide optimal patient satisfaction. The program emphasizes collaboration between UAB and community cancer centers on evidence-based guidelines for cancer treatment. The association will give patients the added benefit of physicians and multidisciplinary teams collaborating with UAB physicians to pursue the highest quality of care, as well as enhanced access to additional cancer consultations, screenings and information on the latest clinical trials available.


Members of the NMMC cancer team are dedicated to making sure that all treatment options are clearly understood, and every measure is taken to offer the highest level of cancer care available. They not only search for new ways to advance cancer care, but listen and understand the individual concerns of every patient.

Each team member is also dedicated to enhancing his expertise as well as remaining on the leading edge of new developments in cancer care. Our physicians know that by implementing the latest treatments in cancer care, we can offer additional ways for patients to beat their disease and increase their chance of recovery.